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Top Attractions in Arkansas

Known as “The Natural State”, Arkansas is a wonderful place to visit. As well being home to mountains, forests and other natural areas, there are also many exciting and interesting places to visit including a large number of historic sites and museums. Here are some attractions in Arkansas:

1. Alligator Farm and Merman
Want to take a bite out of life? Visit the Alligator Farm and Merman when you go to Arkansas. You will be able to visit with the alligators. Some of the alligators that have been raised on this farm have reached over 12 feet in length, and you have the chance to see them up close and personal in this one in a lifetime exciting attraction.

2. Central High School

This school was a key site during the civil rights struggle. Famously, in 1957, President Eisenhower deployed the 101st Airborne Division to escort nine African-American students into the school. Although still used as a school, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a designated National Historic Landmark, and contains a National Historic Site.

3. Tiny Town
If you like all things miniature then you should check out Tiny Town. They have set up a whole town devoted to tiny things. Fun for the whole family awaits you as you look into some of the most bizarre smallest things that the eye has ever seen before. Watch a miniature girl fish in the river with her small fishing pole as you walk through this magical tiny town.

4. Sky Diving
If you want to enjoy a thrill or two then try Little Rock sky diving where you can take your excitement to the extreme. Jump from a plane and free fall to the ground. This will heighten any senses.

5. Fort Smith National Historic Site (in Fort Smith):

See the remains of two frontier forts, and the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas, where Judge Isaac C. Parker, known as the “Hanging Judge”, served for 21 years.

6. Wild Cave
Go through the twists and turns of the dimly lit Wild Cave. Bring the whole family for fun, enjoyment, and adventure. You will get to go into the undeveloped parts of the cave, crawl on your hands and knees, and be sure to climb steep slopes when it comes down to getting through the cave. You have to be in good physical shape to get through these twists and turns or at least be prepared for the fight.

7. Ozark Military Museum

A museum that preserves aircraft and memorabilia from World War II and other conflicts. The museum is home to a variety of vehicles, 2 flying aircraft and 12 static aircraft.

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